Sunday, September 30, 2012

10 Months

It's Sunday night and we are watching the Eagles and catching up with shows from last week during the commercials.  We pulled a rare coup this weekend and had two nights out without the kids!  Friday night before we went out, I ran around with Aden.  There is Carly!
 Michael is teaching Aden how to play golf.  Later that night, we went out with Andrea and Kevin, his brother Jeremy, Rose and Randy and some more of their friends.  We ate tons of junk food at Maggios and hung out till late catching up.  We wish Kevin and Andrea lived closer!
 Saturday morning, it was back to soccer.
 Hey Jake!
 If someone touches your ball, you do this until someone kicks a ball though your legs.  I'm not really sure what this teaches but Aden liked it.

 Some action shots.
 Aden is usually a bit behind the play.

 It's Carla and Will!
 The superheroes are never far away.
 Daddy's Girl!
 We are going to play you soon Reid!
 It was also Ariel's 10 month birthday!
 This is the official picture.  And by official, I mean it was the one I put on Facebook.

 Daddy, please can I drive?
 Ok, I'll let you drive this time!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Peter Pan Scarecrow

Well this was an emotional week.  A family friend in his 20's took his own life.  The funeral today was gut wrenching.  We feel awful for his family.  Such a sad thing that never should have happened.  

We took the kids to Peddler's Village Wednesday after Yom Kippur services.  It's scarecrow time!
 Ariel liked the chocolate covered marshmallows as much as Aden!

 It was a nice day to walk around.

 I was fasting, which is really hard with all these amazing food stores.  We bought a Jewish apple cake and a pumpkin monkey bread for dinner.  
 We broke the fast at Melissa and Mark's house.  For some reason this was one of those nights where the pictures just didn't come out good but here are a few.  Beverly had fun with Ariel.
 Hey cousin marc, can I have your glasses?
 Of course!

 Ariel and Burghy played together a lot.

 Thanks for filling our bellies!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


It's late Wednesday night and we are back from breaking the fast at Melissa and Mark's house.  I feel much better now.  Fasting is tough!  We took the kids to services this morning.  Aden is still singing the songs!  

Finally finishing off the weekend.  Sunday we had soccer pictures.
 There were a few no-shows.
 The coaches are husband and wife.

 Buddy Jake.
 and Ben.
 Ariel was hanging out.

 Some wrestling.
 I always forget to take family shots.
 This was his solo picture.
 On Monday, Amy cooked a really nice dinner.  She roasted a chicken for hours.  Burghy came for his share.  
 Maybe we should have a joint birthday party.
 Ava brought over Carly.
 Burghy and Carly got along great.

 Hi uncle Mark.