Monday, February 29, 2016

Our Sensitive Baby

It's past midnight Tuesday night and I'm just getting to this.  I was passing out at 9 but I guess I got my second wind.  I really want to go to bed so short post for tonight.  Here's music last week.
 The crawling machine!
 Oh no Eli, what happened?

 The boys love Ms. Marilyn.
 Hey Anthony!

 Hey Michael!

 Crawl to mommy.

 Fun times.
 Aden's hip hop class.
 Play the video!

Both of us waiting to give blood.  Ariel was a champ.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Candy Land Champion

It's Sunday night and we are watching the Academy Awards so I will keep this short.  We went into the weekend with a lot of plans but not everything worked out.  We did play outside today without jackets.  That was awesome!

These are from last week.  Ali, Todd, Sammy and Nate came for dinner.  The boys had some snacks on the floor.
 Nate showing off his standing.
 Ali was nice to play Candy Land with Ariel.
 Line up the babies.
 Kid's table.
 Noah, you aren't old enough yet!

 Ariel gave us a concert.
 Play the video!

 Thanks for coming guys!

 Play the video of Noah playing with us!

Eli loves his Elmo chair.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Tricky Tray

It's Thursday night.  Last night's storms were crazy.  Not the same tonight but it's still very windy.  Aden was asleep but for some reason he is behind me now reading this as I type.  He really should not be here but it's nice that he can read!  The doctors are now ordering cholesterol tests for everyone in the family.  I thought they were nuts but Ariel's came out kind of high.  We aren't sure what to make of that.  Back to last weekend.  We had the Tricky Tray fundraiser at Aden's school.  The PTO asked everyone to make trays of fun things to auction off.  We took the easy way out and paid Learning Express to do it for us. 
We bought 1000 tickets not thinking it would take us over and hour to put those in all the cups next to the trays.  
 There was a lot of fun stuff.  

 The boys were thrilled.
Aden put all his tickets on trays that had Legos.
 Ariel tried some double dutch.

 We ended up winning 2 of the around 150 trays.  I really thought we would have done better.  One was a gift card to a salon that Amy loves.  The other was a bunch of crafts for the kids.
Sunday morning we let Aden skip Hebrew School and go to a soccer tournament at the high school.
Waiting our turn.
Ben was his only friend there.

 Here we go!

 Rest in between games.

 They had fun.
 That's Aden and Ben all the way at the top.
 Amy too Ariel to the Newtown Rec Center to meet Princess Belle.
 The boys love them some balloons.

 I thought this was funny.  We love the Goldbergs because the locations in the show are all around us and I actually knew some of the characters when I was young.  The other day, it was about Valentine's Day so it was supposed to be February.  They showed the kids eating lunch outside in short sleeve shirts with palm trees around them.  Then later they rode their bikes to WaWa.  Now it was cool they referenced WaWa but again they were riding their bikes in short sleeve shirts in February.  How did they get past everyone on the show?  Looks like others on Facebook were also wondering.
 As soon as the Ariel hears the babies she jumps into the crib.

 Have a great weekend!