Saturday, October 31, 2009

Aden's First Halloween Parade

Friday was a crazy day. I needed to be at work early to do some things so I brought Aden with me in costume.

Aden kept himself busy playing hockey. He's getting pretty good at it.

Ok daddy, let's go already.

I picked up my grandmother and headed to Breezy Point. We made it just in time. Liana was already with her class in line.

Aden's was the only class not to march in. They watched the festivities from the adjacent playground. The parents went all out. The costumes were great.

I took Aden and my grandmother to the front.

Grandpa came by.

The kids put on quite a show, singing and dancing.

Here is Aden's teacher Ms. Mette. Justin and Alex had her as their teacher over 20 years ago!

Finally free to run around a little.

All the little ones went out to the field to sing songs and go on a pumpkin hunt.

Aden looks so little there.

Aden found a nice one!

Back in the room for a party!

I'm ready for candy! (and to go to space)

It was fun for everyone.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Aden the Astronaut

Well, here is a sneak preview of Aden's costume. He'll actually get to wear it 3 times, which is nice. First up, music class!

The hat didn't last long. Glad I didn't waste money on a helmet. The flight suit fit him well though and seemed pretty comfortable.

Aden was back to stalking Ms. Marilyn.

He is so definitely going to Space Camp one day.

Aden with his buddy Francesca.

She is not going to do the next music session because her mom is scared of germs. That sucks. We like seeing them.

Aden could not take his eyes off of Nemo. He must have been wondering how he got off his bathroom wall.

Every time Nemo walked by, Aden had to touch him.

He always seems overwhelmed when Ms. Marilyn dumps out all the instruments. She kept spraying everything with Lysol. Hopefully, no one gets sick from class.

A little treat for everyone.

Let's Go Phillies!!!

We were all a little slow Thursday morning, recovering from watching a great Phillies game. How crazy would that be if Aden had 2 World Series wins before he was 2 years old! It took me a lot longer than that! He's happy with just milk for breakfast. He might play around with fruit or waffles but when he gets up, he points all the way down the stairs, to the refrigerator and to the milk.

Aden was trying out our new candy bowl with the talking skull. He wasn't scared. Actually got a kick out of it.

He probably wanted the candy.

Let's go Phillies!!!

Checking out the Halloween costume. We need to practice for tomorrow's parade at Breezy Point.

The Birds!!!

THE BIRDS!!!! I was leaving work yesterday and saw thousands of seagulls at the Bensalem High School football field. They were all in the air as I was trying to get my camera out, that was freaky. I guess they know it's Halloween.

Aden having fun in the back seat on the way home from school.

He gets these silly looks.

Last minute, Amy's mom told us to come for dinner.

Grandpop kept Aden busy while we ate.

The belly is still getting bigger! Might have to start cutting out the ice cream.

Let's read our Halloween bug book.

Uncle Mark and Aunt Melissa were ready for the game. Go Phils!

Aden was saying "doggie." He was also practicing his hugs. Video to follow.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Walking the Stairs

It's weird. Usually kid's bedtimes gets later as they get older. It's been the opposite for Aden. What had been 7:30 became 7:00. Now it's closer to 6:00! He wants to go to bed so early. He still sleeps solidly through 7, which is great but we aren't getting to spend a lot of time with him after work, thus the lack of photos.

He's full of energy and super dirty when he gets home, but by the time he's done eating dinner, he's falling asleep.

I have no idea who he looks like.

Uh oh, someone figured out how to walk up the stairs.

He banged his head on pretty much every spindle.

Everyone says we have to teach him to go down the stairs but we don't know how. I'm almost done book 4 of the Twilight series. What crazy stuff going on.