Sunday, January 30, 2011


I need to catch up on last week a little. I was in Atlantic City for work with my parents.

I also got to hang with my buddies from Chicago.

The night of the crazy thundersnow at home. It was not so crazy at the shore but still a little scary to drive in.

A cool shot of our hotel.

Driving home on the Atlantic City Expressway.

All white.

This is Bustleton Avenue.

As soon as I crossed County Line Road into Bucks County, the road was clear! Gotta love thos Philly plows.

Close to home.

My street. It's always so pretty the day after a big snowfall.

As you can see, my driveway was not quite plowed.

Amy had to bring me out boots!

The did come later and finish plowing.

Aden was happy to see me!

Good to be home!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Monster Face

I'm Back!

It's Friday morning and I'm back from Atlantic City. I took a couple of days off the blog. Let's go back to last Saturday night. Dave, Danielle and Jaime came over for dinner. Even though Jaime is only one, Aden had fun playing with him.

Aden took this picture of Dave.

He was saying, "smile Jaime!"

Back to me so not sure why the picture is fuzzy. Aden is taking better pictures than me now!

He loved the piano.

Aden stacked so Jaime could knock over.

We had a great time.

Sunday morning we met Adam and Ellen for breakfast. Ellen was due last Friday and as of this morning, has not had the baby yet! Aden took this pic. He can't wait to meet his new friend!

Sunday night we went to Melissa's to watch the Steeler's play.

Cooper watched too.

Mark had Aden saying, "Go Steeler's Go!"

Aden got a picture of Mark celebrating the win!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sorry no update yet. I drove to Atlantic City early for a convention and did not have time. I will post something later!

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Trees

Brrrr. Nothing much more to say about that.

Friday night both our families went to synagogue for Tu B'Shevat (the celebration of trees) festivities. Aden wanted to show the sanctuary to his snake. Dinner and services were in the ballroom where Amy and I were married!

Not using to seeing the sanctuary so empty.

Aden took the next few pictures.

I love Aden's perspective.

Sam flipped out when he saw Aden. He was so excited.

Melissa and Sam

Ok, I will take the camera back, thanks.

The boys had a good time playing. We had dinner and a very nice service with a Klezmer band.

Saturday Aden and daddy got haircuts. Aden of course had to make monster face.

He was very good.

All set for the next month. Let's go home and get ready for our play date with Jaime!