Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Olympic Day

It's Tuesday night and I'm laughing hysterically at America's Got Talent.  Amy thinks I'm nuts.  How is May over already?  At least it's finally warm.  Ariel had a tee ball game tonight.  We had to push her to go but we all had fun.  The babies are free standing and starting to take steps.  I think it will come any time.  I still have a million pictures to share so I promise a double post today.  Let's get back to last week.

Ariel had Olympic Day.  
Eva's class.
 Ariel's class.
 I wasn't there.  These pictures were put on Breezy Point's Facebook page.
 Ariel's class was ready to go.
Some of the activities.

Well deserved ice pops.  
Some random shots around the house.

 New umbrella stroller for the twins.
 Giving it a try.
 The boys pant when you say doggie.
 Neighbors hanging out.
 A boy and his scooter.
 I want mama.  No I want mama.
 So big.
 Practicing our standing.
 And walking.
 Carly came for a visit.
 A few seconds later Ariel fell off this bike and got a nasty bruise on her arm.
 Ms. Marilyn's biggest fan.

It's almost time for a haircut.

 Piling balls on a strange woman's hand.

 Fun times.

Monday, May 30, 2016


It's Memorial Day!  We had a nice weekend at the Shore.  I really should have done a post today but I was lazy.  I'm really behind.  Keep an eye out, I might be doing multiple posts per day.  Let's get on with it.  

Last Sunday we were a little worried.  Eli was hitting the bourbon pretty early.
That's a good one to start with.
Ariel thinks we are nuts.
It was Aden's last day of Hebrew School for the year.  Let's just say he was very excited.  
Ariel had a birthday party at Diggerland in New Jersey.  We had never been there but always wanted to try it.  It was very ambitious of Ariel's friend to have a party over an hour away.  I took Aden and Ben also.  It was an impressive place.  Real construction equipment that the kids can play on.  

 First we dug in the dirt.
 Ariel was excited.

 Noah and Chloe went first.
Our turn.
Very serious.
Then we drove these things around.

 Ariel is not the best at steering.
Cool playground.
 There was a thrill show!

 Ariel and Chloe had fun running around.

 There's Ariel's friend Charlie with his dad.
 We played some games.

 Aden and Ben got to do some of the bigger rides that the girls couldn't.  
 Riding in a backhoe through the mud.

Pizza time.
Cute cake.
 Gift bags for everyone.
 That night we went out for Amy's birthday.  Greek food in Glenside.  We had a great time hanging.
 Amy even got some great gifts.