Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fashion Show

Good morning Aden!  Time to face the last weekend of the Summer.  How sad.  We can't complain though.  We were expecting to miss out on the Shore most of this Summer because of the baby but in the end, we only missed 2 weekends!  We are also looking forward to next Summer when Aden can really enjoy the beach.

While we were packing to go to the Shore Friday, Aden put on a fashion show for us. He has so many cute outfits that are just a little too big still.  Look out for some great ones soon!

He almost fits into this one.

As Beverly would say, "Yes he is!"

We got a little hungry on the way down and stopped at a drive in restaurant.  So much easier than trying to drag the baby out and also we wouldn't have to worry about the stuff in the car.  Plus, it's fun!

Amy and Aden in the back.  I take them to all the fanciest places.

OK waitress, any day!  At least they could be on skates.

Is this gourmet eating or what?

It was pretty busy.

The drive down wasn't bad.  I guess people had left earlier in the week.  Amy's parents watched Aden so Amy were able to go out to a nice dinner.  We ended up at Johnny's in Ventnor.  It was really good.  The service was amazing.  I know Amy is pretty but we had a constant stream of young guys stopping by to see if we needed anything.  We were so full, we took Aden for a long walk when we got back.  You could tell it was a holiday weekend.  So many people at the Dairy Bar and Two Cents Plain!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Welcome Jared!!!

Here is Jaime with baby Jared born this week.  It's their third child and Amy was amazed to see how calm they were.  They are like experts now.  Jared was really cute and had lots of hair.

Jordan and Amanda could not wait to hold him.

Aden has a new buddy!  But first he needed to be burped.  I always think this looks funny so I took a few shots.

It won't be long before Aden is asking if Jared can sleep over!

We went from the hospital to Ben and Irvs to meet my grandmother, who at 88 should probably not be driving, but she does anyway.  Aden is becoming a regular.  The waitresses all remembered him and wanted to see how big he got.

My grandmother loves to hold him and is great and making him smile.  It's really cute.

We then went to my parent's house so they could hang with Aden a bit.  

I think he would love to sleep next to mommy.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Sorry I didn't update yet today.  It's Friday evening and we are at the Shore.  I will put something up soon.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Aden Does South Street

First I just want to congratulate Jaime and Abby on the birth of the beautiful baby Jared.  We were able to visit them at the hospital yesterday and I will post pictures soon.  Everyone is doing well.  Tuesday night Mike and Yoon came over to visit.  We had not seen them since the wedding.  They brought us some really cute stuff.  We wandered down South Street to look for food.  Yes, we still live on South Street.  Most people seem amazed by this.  It's just home to me.  So what's wrong with living with homeless people, drunk teenagers and loud radios?!  I think it will make Aden a tough street kid.  When we eventually move to the burbs, no one will mess with him!  We ate outside at Copa.  

People are starting to say he look like me!  Lucky kid.

That's Jim's Steaks in the background.  I can't wait till I can take him there!

Tuesday night is bath night.  Let's take off his clothes!

Look how much bigger his head is!

Belly too!

This was full bath number 2.  It went a little better than number 1 but not by much.  He's still not too happy about the whole thing.  

Here he is super swadled using the miracle blanket.  It has pockets for his hands and feet so he can't break out.  This night, he slept from 11-5!  It was awesome.  We couldn't believe when we heard the crying and looked at the clock and it wasn't 3.  I guess the swadling works.  

Herman's Hermits

Sunday night there was a free concert by Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits just a few blocks away from us on the bay in Margate.  That was convenient!  Aden was wide awake so we just carried him over.  He was looking around.  Of course everyone freaked out.  "He's so cute!"  "How old is he"  Nothing attracts a crowd like an alert newborn!  

He loves his daddy!

Hi mommy!

I really enjoyed the concert.  Aden and I danced to music from the 60's.  There was a really big crowd.  I think Juniors was a sponsor as everyone had donuts.

It was a little chilly so Aden wore his Juicy outfit.

We decided to take a break from the crowds and moved to the back for a bit, then we went home to watch the fireworks from the balcony.

Are you ready?!?

Maybe not.

Still waiting for the fireworks.

Here they are!  We had a great view.  It was so loud, the dogs weren't happy.  Aden didn't seem to notice.

We found Jenny on Melissa's bed, not too happy.  The fireworks ended around 10.  I decided to go home so I could go to work on Monday.  Amy and Aden stayed.  

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back to the Beach

Sunday we actually got going a little earlier.  All of us except Amy.  We let her sleep in.

We put Aden in a cute outfit...

Got ready ourselves...

Then went for a really long walk.  All the way to Ventnor.  It was really hot out so I'm not sure how we made it that far.  Also, the sidewalks were crowded so it was a bit annoying.  Amy called and some point looking for us.

We then packed him up and went to the beach.  At first we had him in the tent.

He looks cozy in there.

I like his hat.

This picture is from early July.  Mindy is a girl we know from the beach.  She was pregnant with her second.

She had Samara on July 14th, the day after Aden!  How funny is that?!  Look how great they both look.

Here is Samara in her tent.

She is already eating 6 ozs.  We though we were over feeding Aden at 4, I guess it's time to bump him up.

More neighbors to help feed Aden.

Adam and Ellen stopped by.

Adam's bachelor party is coming up!  Maybe I will take Aden!

We gave him a really good bath to get all the sand off of him.

Hey Aden, are you ready for the big concert tonight? (more on that later)