Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Kitchen Demo

Last Wednesday, the girls headed to NY to see Six on Broadway.  
After camp, Noah went to an art class.  
Then they wrote some thank you notes for camp.  
Victoria and Isabella came over to play.  
They ran around our destroyed and very full basement.  

Then they moved outside.  

This is Noah's artwork.  The boy has some talent. 
Last Thursday, we finally started our kitchen renovation.  I didn't take any nice pictures of the old kitchen because I really won't miss it.
The demo went fast.

Then the rains came.  
There goes the floor.  
We made a mess!
Bye island and sink!
Eli found a huge tennis ball.  
The boys got haircuts.  
A hard days work.  
Eli hanging out in the only living space left on the first floor.
Oh there is Ariel!  There have been almost no pics this week.


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