Sunday, March 31, 2024

Floods Everywhere

It's Sunday night.  We had an interesting quick trip to the Poconos.  More on that later.  

Last Saturday, Amy got up early to walk Stella.  
Tessa was over.  We always seem to be plus one kid in our house.  
It poured really hard all day.  Many of the roads were flooded and some were closed.  
The water was pouring off that field to the right.  The police came and closed the street right behind us.  Good thing I can raise my suspension.  

It was hard running errands that day.  
That night, we went to synagogue for an adult Purim party.  Here's Amy with Ali and Dana.  
They put together a pretty funny show.  They used old Saturday Night Live skits to tell the story of Purim.
The band played music between skits.  They do a great job.  

Dessert after the show.  Lots of hamantaschen.

Madi was in from college and sat that night.  We got back and the twins and Stella were asleep.  


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