Monday, December 1, 2014

Princess Save the Drama for the Stage

Back to warm again today.  What a tease.  Here are the first batch of Thanksgiving pictures.  Ariel's hat says "Princess Save the Drama for the Stage"  He teachers are funny.
They also told her she had to watch the Macy's parade, not the Philly one.  We watched both.  
Aden only wanted to play Skylanders.
Finally it was time to head to grandmom's for dinner.  She wanted to wear her Indian outfit from school.
Aden was just a cool dude.

We are so lucky our family all lives close by.  People actually have to get on airplanes for Thanksgiving.  We have a 5 minute drive!  
 Time to practice walking!

 Ariel wanted to help cook.
 Cuddling with Bubbie.
 I have to work hard to get into pictures.

 Eva loves Ariel.

 Uh oh, what did Bubbie do to Eva?

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