Thursday, January 14, 2021

Bye Grogu

It's Thursday night.  End of the week again.  Poor Noah had a rough day at school.  He's not very good at being flexible.  They tried to change his seat at lunch and he had a total tantrum.  He's smart but so emotional.  You should have seen him reading tonight though.  It's pretty amazing.  Back to last Thursday and Friday.  

I think I told you about this guy before.  He runs a tennis class where Aden takes his lessons and he runs it like Cobra Chai!
It starts from taking a couple of parking spaces in his giant Hummer.  
He then yells at the kids for an hour.  I don't think I've actually seen them play tennis.  
Hey girls.  

It's always cold in the house.  We keep blankets everywhere.  
Nice coloring Noah.  
Math homework.  
Flying twins!

That night, I finished the Mandalorian.  If you haven't seen it yet, skip this and the next picture.  Hey R2D2!
Bye Grogu!
Friday after work, I went to the gym.
Still too crowded.  My trainer and I stay alone in a corner.  
It's hard to play Hungry Hungry Hippos without marbles.  
Practicing flips on the ottoman.  
The boys still have the changing table in their room.  Ariel uses it for her dolls!  Have a great weekend!


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