Thursday, January 7, 2021

New Year's Day

It's Thursday night.  Another week has gone by.  Next week is exciting.  Ariel goes back to school for 4 days a week.  Wednesdays are for cleaning I guess.  We are waiting for our Chili's Baby Back Ribs to be delivered.  Yum.

Back to last Friday, New Years Day.  Everyone slept in.  Eventually we got up and played.  
Melissa and Mark stopped by.  
Nobody likes Honey.  

Actually, it's just Eli.  He didn't leave the island the whole time!
Rachel came to do cheer and brought her 5 year old brother Michael to play with the twins.  
Eli was great.  Showed Michael all his toys.  
Cheer time!

The boys had fun.

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Eli's turn.
Michael has 3 cheerleader sisters so he knows how to base!
We blew up the bounce house. 
Snack time!
Heather plays a game online with the kids.  
Always back to the drawing.  
Good night boys.  Have a great weekend!


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