Sunday, April 11, 2021

Everyone In The Tub

It's Sunday night and I have a huge post for you.  Last Saturday, we awoke in Margate plus one child.  
I took Ariel and Juliet to run some errands.  The most important being getting mommy coffee at Wawa.  

Breakfast time.  
What's up Eli?
It was about 40 degrees but the tub was at 100.  It was time to try it out!
What do you think girls?
I need to find a way to decorate the area around the tub.  
I'm finally in it!

We were very comfortable.  We quickly forgot it was 40 degrees out.  
Eli joined us.

This will add to our summer experience!
Dance party time.  

We then went to Ocean City for the Easter egg hunt.  
It was very crowded.  Aden even came along for the ride.  

They used to do the egg hunt on the beach.  This time, the eggs were in the stores.  Kind of counterintuitive based on our current situation.  
Enjoying your candy?
I was hungry and there was only one place I was going.  
Oh yes.  
Even Aden got his own.  
Juliet's family met up with us.  

This was from the fire a few months ago.  The steal is bent!
Beautiful day.  
We got our giant tub of Johnson's Popcorn.  
It actually was a bit chilly.  
We played some mini golf.
Aden posed for a picture!  This will be on his Bar Mitzvah montage!
The twins take mini golf very seriously. 

Ariel went to the point in Longport with Juliet's family.  

Later that night, we got a really cute cousin picture. 

The second dance party of the day!
We brought in dinner.  
Where is Eli?
Then it was tub time.  It's built for 8 but 10 fit nicely!

Love this pic!


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