Monday, April 1, 2024

Cheer Comp in Colts Neck

Last Sunday, I was up early to walk Stella.
The synagogue dropped off our Purim box of goodies.  
We had a quiet afternoon.  
Until I drove Ariel to Central Jersey for a competition.  
It was about an hour to Colts Neck, which was a very lovely area.
We went to Brookdale Community College.  We were worried because Ariel's friend and teammate Tessa had been throwing up all morning!
We watched other teams go.  

Steve got a hip seat for Stevie.  
So cute.  
The girls were getting nervous.  
I hung with Dave and Julie.  
Juliet's team went first and did well.  
Then it was Ariel and the Generals.  

I thought they did great but Ariel was upset.  
Judging time.  
First place!
Awesome job girls.  

We were told to check out Delicious Orchards nearby.  
The pies are legendary.  I didn't get one because I didn't know who would share it with me.  
The place was amazing.  

We got some small treats.  

Then Ariel wasn't sure if she wanted hibachi or barbecue.  We found both right next to each other.  
She picked the hibachi.  We got the barbecue for the next night.  
We got back in time to pick up Aden at his tennis matches.  


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