Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bye Summer

Well that was a fun night. First, Aden jumped off his bed and bashed the back of his head on the desk. Blood everywhere. Rushed him to St Mary's where he bravely got 2 staples without anesthesia. He was really calm through the whole thing. He was worried about laying down to sleep, but he was ok. He slept, but we didn't because we kept checking on him, plus, second, the crazy storms all night. It took Amy and I both about an hour to get to our jobs. Amy's school seemed to be the only one in the area opening on time, if at all.

Monday morning, Amy was craving Juniors.

Then we went to the playground.

He made friends.

Then we packed up the car with all of our stuff and Melissa's stuff and headed to Ocean City for one last bit of summer fun. Of course we started off at Mack & Manco's.

Could eat this all day, every day.

Wonderland Pier! Aden's favorite.

One last stop before we leave.

I should get one of these.

It was a great summer, so sad it's over. Next summer will be interesting with 2 kids!

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