Tuesday, September 6, 2011

And So It Begins

Just dropped off Aden at his first day of school! He was so excited! He hugged all his friends. I did get a few pictures.

Aden was with me Friday. He loved going through the car wash.

We visited mommy at school, which is heavily under construction.

Then, our last trip to the shore for a while. Of course, the first stop is the Dairy Bar.

Relaxing Saturday morning.

Beautiful beach day.

Let's wipe our dirty hands on Melissa's towel!

And there he goes...

Hard to keep up!

Got you!

Adam, Ellen and the gang.

Aden's favorite person.

I'll take the banana fudge please!

This is the life. Am I really starting school next week?


Melissa and I went for a long walk after the beach, then we barbequed.

A nice, relaxing evening.

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