Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Where is Aden?

Saturday morning, we headed for services. Aden was good and sat in the services for a while. He whispered when he needed to talk, which was cute. Mark took him out and played with him. Drew and his family did a great job reading torah. I bet Jared and Alexa thought they were done with that! It was a beautiful service, the rabbi has an amazingly deep radio voice. After a light lunch, we went back to Sandy's house, which is across the street. Aden wanted to play.

He found Morgan on the trampoline.

Let's go see Morgan's room!

It turned out to be sunny and warm so we took a walk outside.

Sorry buddy. no swimming today, we need to go back for a nap, it's going to be a late night!

It would have been really nice to relax here but we headed back to the hotel.

After Aden's nap, we headed downstairs for a snack. Amy and I got off the elevator but Aden didn't move! By the time we looked back, the doors were closing! We heard the screaming fade away as the elevator rose. Of course we were freaking out. The elevator went to the top floor and came back. It opened and he wasn't on it! After a quick nervous laugh, we really started freaking out. Just then, the elevator behind us opened and a housekeeper was holding him, still screaming and holding tightly onto his stuffed elephant! It took a while to calm him down. We are not even sure what happened. Did he get off the elevator himself? The next time on the elevator, I had to carry him. After that, he would go himself and proudly proclaim as he got off, "I'm not lost!"

We headed to the nearby Woodmont Country Club at 7:30. The adult cocktail hour was inside and the kids were outside.

Dawn was in my hebrew school class!

The little boys Mark and Aden playing.

Melissa, Judy and Alex looking beautiful.

Again, you will have to excuse the quality of the pics. The lighting was not conducive.

Steve and Judy

A Mark/Marc sandwich!

Ok, cocktail hour was fun but let's head into the party! Coming tomorrow!

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