Friday, September 9, 2011

Goldie and Nemo

Aden's first day of school was Tuesday. He was very excited to go, which makes us feel great. Not only is he with Jake, Reid, Chloe and Mackenzie from last year, but also with Finn and the other Chloe from the year before. He was just all smiles when I left him!

Hey Jake, how was your summer?

They always have to check out each other's shirts.

Attack uncle Mark!

It was Ava's birthday and she gave out goldfish at her party, which Aden missed. She gave Aden one and he said he needs a friend! So he got 2!

Ava got a fish tank and a bike for turning 9.

It's dark so early!

Thanks Ava!

Meet Aden's first pets, Goldie and Nemo.

Their new mansion! We got them Wednesday and as of Friday morning, they seemed to do doing ok!

The staples!!!

Took me forever to get home from work yesterday. The Neshaminy Creek was everywhere!

Let's go find New Jason!

What a week. We actually have no plans for the weekend if anyone is free!?!

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