Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Baby Not Included

A few days late, but here are some of the 8 month birthdays pictures.  As I told you, I really wanted to take them on the beach last Sunday but we never made it.  I just threw her on the lawn with the signs and snapped away.

 New double stroller for the kids!
 It took a while to get this together.  The instructions were pretty funny.  Phil & Teds in an Australian company.
 I'm glad to get out of that thing!  Who thought it was a good idea to put me on the bottom?!?

 My parents wanted to get Aden his first bicycle for his birthday so we finally made to Guy's.
 They were very nice and knowledgable.  He would only fit on a 12" bike.  They seemed so little but I guess you have to start somewhere.
 They gave him some lessons in the store and he picked it up pretty  fast.  I was so happy.
 We then headed over to Amy's parent's for dinner.  Ariel just needs my phone to eat.
 We need to come up with better places for her to sit while we are eating.  She cries when you put her in the high chair.
 Ok, let's go ride!
 He loves the bike.  So excited.  

 We told Aden we were going to tie Cooper to the handle bars so Cooper could pull Aden.

 Time to go for a walk.

Aden is taking good care of Burghy while Melissa and Mark are away.

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