Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pink Cast

It's Thursday night and I need to start packing for the 2nd to last weekend at the Shore :-(  That kind of snuck up on us.  I can't complain though, it was a great Summer.  A Summer though without a barbecue which stopped working in June and has yet to be replaced.  So sorry for all those dinner parties we didn't have, we weren't being rude ;-)

Let's swing!
 Some soccer lessons.  Aden starts Council Rock soccer in 2 weeks.  They are looking for coaches.  That is so not me.
 The kids went next door to play.
 Ariel keeps up with the big kids!
 Poor Susy broke her leg!
 We went to dinner at La Stalla in Newtown.  We took Maura along to say goodbye as she's about to leave for school.  I think Ariel had more on her face then in her belly.
 Aden challenged some girls to bocce.

 We ate outside.  It was very nice out.

 West Ave Grill with my grandmother.
 Loving those french fries.

 Precious moments.
 Last swim lesson of the season.  Jake is headed off to college.

 Next year, Ariel will join Aden.

 Ok, who else is sad that it's getting darker earlier and it's not so hot anymore.

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