Monday, August 20, 2012


Finally!  Had a very busy weekend with family and friends and airplanes and I finally have some time to share it with you.  I literally took over 500 pictures this weekend so I'm going to try and be selective.  My cousins were in from LA and Boston.  We all met up at the Shore.  My grandmother was smothered with great-grandkids and very happy about it!

 Ariel would have been Dylan had she been born first!

 Then out to the pool deck to swim and watch the Atlantic City Air Show.  I had never seen it before.  The beaches were packed.  The planes were doing tricks all day long.
 Ariel was taking it all in.
 Aden did great at shuffle board!

 Some big plane or other.

 Who would jump out of a perfectly good airplane?

 Ok, swimming time!

 I have lots more pictures to share, check back later!

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