Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Duckfest 2012

Ok, time to finally finish off the weekend.  Sunday morning there was some puppy-baby bonding.
Then it was time for Duckfest 2012!
Aden wasn't sure what was going to happen.
There was a big crowd at the pier near Juniors in Margate.

For $5 you get a duck with a number.  They released the ducks in that triangle.  The one that went out the front first was the winner.  The grand prize was a trip for 4 to Disney World!  The most exciting part was when one of the women fell off her canoe.  There was a bit of a controversy.  They didn't release all the ducks at once so the once in the back had no chance.  People were asking for their money back!  It's for charity people!

They look so much alike!

The grandads.
Blast from the past.
What a life.
Playing with McKenzie from next door.
Poor Barry is always digging on the beach.
The boys wanted a big castle.

I helped but it was mostly Barry.
If you look closely you can see several fins.  There were dolphins everywhere!  So cool.
Aunt Melissa was nice enough to share her lemon ice.
Dragging everything off the beach is not fun.
Unless you are in the stroller!
Sunday night we went to Steve and Cookies in Margate, a block away from us, to celebrate Clarisse's birthday!  
There's the birthday girl!

Girl power!
This was a much better weekend then the last one!

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