Thursday, February 1, 2024

Sliding on Clay

Last Thursday, I went to check on the shore house.  We still need to find a way to cover the windows.  It's always so bright in the morning.  
After school, Eva and Gwen came to hang.  First they played Rummy.  
Then they checked out the secret room.  
Back to Rummy.  
Then cheer private.  
Great form Ariel!
We taught Noah how to play Sudoku.  He picked it up quickly.  
At 9 pm, Aden and I met Jaime and Jared to play tennis on clay courts.  
That was something different.  Aden had never seen that before.  
We all played pretty well even with all the sliding.  
Then we had to sweep the courts.  

Last Friday, Tessa and Emma came to hang after school.  
It was a quiet night.  Have a great weekend!


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