Sunday, February 4, 2024


Last Saturday, we went to see Nate play basketball at our elementary school.  
Then he came over to play for a bit. 
Then I took Noah to visit a new STEM place that opened near us.  
They had some cool stuff. 

These robots came to life and were a bit creepy.  
Noah drove some cars.  
Then played with this interactive wall.  

He made friends and they built a wall.  

Nice wall!
They had a competition building cars to race down the ramp.  

That night, we went to a friend's 60th surprise party.  

It was a big crowd. 
Melissa and Mark were with us.  
Happy Birthday Frank!
He was very surprised.  
They have a huge family.  
Cake time.  

She was a teen when they got married!  She's only a couple of years older than me and already a grandmother!  And I still have 3 in elementary school!


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