Monday, September 4, 2017

Pure Joy

Well that's a wrap!  It's Labor Day, Monday night.  We actually got all the kids to bed at a reasonable hour as school starts tomorrow for everyone!  We got back from the shore around 7.  The weather was pretty bad the last few days but today was beautiful so stuck around a little later than we had planned to enjoy it.  We even got in some beach time.  Speaking of beach time, let's go back to a week ago Saturday...

Good morning Noah!
 This was a common early morning scene.  Amy and I lounging in bed and the 4 kids watching Puppy Pals.
 That's how I feel about a Junior's doughnut also!
 Aden showed us the roller coaster he made with my dad.  It works!
 While the twins hanged at my parent's house, I took Aden and Ariel to the beach.

 Crazy cloud.
 Clear skies over there!
For the third time that week, Aden went in the ocean.  This time with Ariel and my sister.

I love this pic!  Pure joy!  I thought I would never see the day.  He hated the ocean all along.

I loves this too.  Ariel was just as happy!

 I had a few minutes to myself which was awesome.
 Both our parents came over for dinner.

 Then it was Dairy Bar Time.

 I was determined to watch the Merryweather McGregor fight but I did not want to pay $100.  I found some free streams online.  Yippy!  That was a crazy fight.

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