Sunday, September 3, 2017

Love That Cape May Zoo

Happy Labor Day!  How did that happen?  These are from the Friday before last.  I know I'm a bit behind but I didn't take an pictures last Monday and Tuesday so I should be able to catch up. Jordyn came over early and Ariel gave us a JoJo Siwa show.
 Cute or not?
 We drove the 1/2 hour or so to the Cape May Zoo.  We try and go there at least once a summer.  They added zip lines!
All the farm animals were gone.  The twins would have loved them.
 The twins love the Llama Llama books so they were excited to see the llamas.

 Jordyn was a big help as usual.  How can we get her to move closer to us?
 My boys.  Silly as always.
 Lunch was acceptable.
Hide under the zebra!

Some big cat.

 We ran into Jason and family.
 His twins get a kick out of my twins.

 Too short for the foot massage!
 Ariel was terrified of the real bears we saw but this one she liked.
It's hard to get Aden into a picture these days.
 Playground time.  It was huge.

 The twins did not want to leave.

 Finally home.  

 We had a quiet night.

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