Sunday, September 10, 2017

Friday and Saturday Labor Day Weekend

It's Sunday night.  Hurricane Irma is making it's way through Florida.  Who else has been mesmerized by the live coverage? Those poor people.  It took so long for it all to happen and by tomorrow the sun will be out again.  We had a pretty quiet weekend.  Our first post shore weekend.  Aden played great at soccer and the two older kids started Hebrew school.  Back to Labor Day Weekend.  

We drove to the shore Thursday night.  Friday the remnants of Hurricane Harvey which decimated Texas were approaching but it was supposed to be a decent day.  We met Jason and Rachel and Eden at Hannah Gs for breakfast.  
 Jason is always fun.

 Ventnor playground.  
 It was nice to see the sun.

 The twins had fun.
 Ready to ride home Eli?
 Waiting for Jason and Lisa to arrive.
 Carter and Sloane were here for a night!

 We brought in dinner because it's just too hard to go out.  Barrels always has good food.
 Then we went over to the Dairy Bar.  Live music on Fridays!

Saturday morning Aden and Carter were intensely researching NFL players.  Aden, who did not know the difference between a baseball and a football just last week is all the sudden all about football.  He had a draft at 11 for a fantasy team.  Who is this kid?
 The kids played inside as the weather was awful.  Harvey had arrived.

 We went to lunch at Bocca then they left.
 Thanks for visiting!  We promise better weather next year!
 Ariel went with her friend Sydney and her family to Ocean City to do an Escape Room.  This is where they lock you in a room and you have to follow clues to get out before an hour.  
 We were worried Ariel would be sacred but she was fine.

 Then the girls made cupcakes.
 We were across the street with my parents.
 It was crazy getting home as the worst of the rains and wind came.  I ran each kid to the car covered in my dad's raincoat.  We all got soaked!

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