Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Trip to Nordstroms

It's Wednesday night.  Amy's birthday!  Hopefully we were able to make her day great!  There's a thunderstorming passing through now.  It's been so long since it's rained.  We need this.  Anyway, back to last Tuesday.

We took Ariel and Aden to Nordstroms to get some nicer clothes.  
They actually did not have as much as we expected.  
Ariel always loves shopping.  
Aden actually did the best.  
My cutie.
Eli checking out something interesting on Heather's leg.  

Hebrew school was outside.  
There's Honey!
The neighborhood kids all played.  

Well into the night.  
This was the news on Wednesday.  It feels really weird going into places without a mask.  I still wear mine a lot.  
Baseball practice!  
The kids were cute.

A sweet pic to end the post.  


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