Thursday, May 20, 2021

Noah Lost a Tooth

It's way too late Thursday night.  Another week flew by.  Back to last Thursday.  Eli found a new water gun and immediately put on a bathing suit.  
Why so sad Ariel?
Playing at the neighbors.  
Still in a suit.
Aden in action.  
The boys have a lot of games they play.  
The parents hang.  
Puppy Izzy!
She's so dark, the camera won't focus.  
What's that Ariel?
On Friday, Amy had a visit from Maggie.  

Eli and Noah had testing all week to see if they were ready for 1st grade.  Noah loved it.  Eli not so much.  In fact, he refused to do it the first few days.  He said it wasn't fun!  By Thursday and Friday, he sort of got into it.  
At the gym.  There were people at the pool.
Honey came over.  
Noah lost a tooth!  Ms. Barb at school helped pull it out.  
Izzy was back.

Get him Jake!

Back to games.
Time to drink.
S'mores to end the week.
Have a great weekend!


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