Monday, July 19, 2021

Swimming With Steven

It's Monday night.  I fell asleep in the chair in the boys room after reading to them.  I woke up hours later.  Ugh.  I need to do this and go back to bed.  First a little camp update from last weekend.  We got this really sad letter from Ariel.  It made me cry!  
Here's a polaroid picture of her bed she sent back.  It's hard to see but you can tell it's messy!
Here are some of her pics from the camp Olympics.  

Ariel and her buddy Emily.  
Here's the twin's bunk.  
Last Sunday, our neighbors came to swim with us at my parent's pool.  
Baby Quinn came for a visit.  
And did some swimming!

It was a lazy day.  Even with Steven there.  

We drove home by dinner.  We had dinner waiting for us.  Then Eli insisted on some fireworks.  
That was fun!


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