Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Platypus Origins

We will start off last Tuesday with a cute letter from Ariel.  She was referring to root canal I had scheduled.  I think it's funny she mentioned the blank letter she sent us, which she did probably to get into dinner that night.  She really is getting lots of letters.  Her teacher and principal even wrote to her.  
Coming along.  
Eli wanted to play outside.  Noah usually stays inside after camp.  He's so hot and tired.  
We went up to the school.  Eli had questions for the guy on the lawn mower.  

Wednesday morning, Eli wanted to watch the guys work.  
Accent wall is done.  
I set up Eli's new giant slide for him.  
Wow it's big.  

Noah actually joined him.  
I thought this was funny.  
Here are Ariel's pics from that day.  

We went out for ice cream.

I ate that whole Sundae and I felt so sick after.  


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