Tuesday, July 6, 2021

We Left Ariel at Camp Saginaw

It's a stormy Tuesday night.  I had a root canal today and while still sore, I'm way better than I was the last few weeks.  I don't know why I waited so long.  I really liked the dentist too.  He was funny and kept me distracted the whole time.  No pictures of Ariel today.  They really need to be more consistent.  The bathroom is coming along.  I really need for these guys to be out of my house.  Back to last Sunday.  

We got up really early and brought the twins to my parent's house.  
Ariel gave Bubbie one last hug before leaving for camp.  
We had a 2 hour drive through the very southern part of New Jersey, then Delaware, then Maryland, back into Pennsylvania.  
We passed through a bunch of cute small towns I had never seen before.  
There's the bridge to Delaware.  
We made it to camp!
Once inside, they tested Ariel for covid.  
Then we got to give some hugs before we were kicked out.  
She marched off and was so excited.  No tears for her but plenty for us.  
Bye baby!  Have the best time!

The camp sent us this later.  They take tons of pictures everyday and they use facial recognition to send them to the right people!  
On the way home, we drove from Pennsylvania, to Maryland, to Delaware all within a few feet!
We stopped on the way for some power.  
Then we stopped for some yummy barbecue on the side of the road.  
We were back by early afternoon.  
The kids swam.  

Then Eli wanted to go to a playground.  

We decided to stay over even though the boys had camp the next day.  It was enough driving.  
Dinner was low key.  
Then Dave and Julia came to tub and drink after the kids were asleep.  
Meanwhile, at Camp Saginaw...
Looks like they had a whole camp party.  


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