Sunday, July 18, 2021

It's A Small World

It's Sunday night.  We had a fun weekend with Amy's college friend Rebecca and her family.  The shore weekends have been crazy.  Back to last Saturday.  I might have made a tactical error when I bought the boys the It's a Small World game.  They kept asking Alexa to play the song while they played the game.  That was a bit painful!
The game was fun though.
Even Eva and Gwen joined in.  
Eli helped me get out the water that was collecting under my balcony.  
Amy took the twins to Jamican Me Crazy.  They got gummy pizza!
Eli is getting really comfortable with the beach and the ocean.  

It's helps when Steven is with him.  
Playing with his new surfer dude.  

This girl is Ariel's camp friend Ava's little sister.  

Eli asked why the board wasn't working.  I told him maybe he needed to actually be in the water.  
Steve our neighbor helped him.  

Aden at the pool.  
Ava's dad has an electric beach cart.  He showed us how it works.  
They have a great deck next door.  
Brooke came to babysit.  
Noah had Steven's Sonic the Hedgehog dolls.  
Brooke had a tough night.  Steven and Eli can get into a lot of trouble.  Eli took out all our fireworks then asked for big tables for the adults and small tables for the kids for his party.  What party we had no idea.  
We took Aden out to dinner for his birthday.  With all the grandparents.  We went to a Touch of Italy offshore.  
The food was good and we got to embarrass Aden with a cake.  
Nice family shot!
Later that night, I went with the neighbors back to Memories a few blocks away.  
It was packed!  We were there late.  
There's Jerry Blavat.  
The Geator With The Heator.  (he's aged a bit)


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