Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Beat Those Braves!

It's Wednesday night.  No good sports to watch.  

Last Wednesday, I had a friend on my car.  
We played outside a little after school but then my dad and I headed out.  
Back to the city to see the Phillies in the NLDS.  

Beautiful night.  
Father son bonding time.  
The teams lined up.  
Atlanta was favored to win.  
The had a beautiful moment of silence for Israel.  
I had some bacon jam grilled cheese for dinner.  
Here we go!  Homerun for Harper!
Here he is coming home.  
Such a fun game and a big win against the Braves.  
Some cool stuff I saw at the stadium.  

Last Thursday, Amy went for a walk with some girls.  
Eli got his violin and Noah his viola.  
This ought to be interesting.  
Ariel had cheer.  

Being silly at night.  

Eli actually can make some good sounds already.  
Pink Out practice for Ariel that night.  


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