Sunday, October 22, 2023

BuxMont Cheer Competition

It's Sunday night.  Happy Birthday Mom!!!  

Last Saturday was a big cheer day.  It was the Bucks County Montgomery County Competition.  The girls had been practicing for this since early August and were ready to go.  It was pouring when we arrived at Souderton High School.  It was also packed and we had to make up our own parking spot.  
The girls met up and I went into the gym.  

They are ready to go!
At my seat with the other parents.  
Here they come!
I'm not allowed to show the video yet so here are some stills from the video.  They aren't clear but you will get the idea.  Ariel is up in front on the left.  If you can make out her face, it's priceless.  

Great job girls!
They seemed happy.  

We had time to sit around before judging.  
We watched the competition.  

TikTok time.
Time to go in for judging.  
The girls danced while they waited. 
We came in second and are going on to Regionals!

All our teams won!


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