Thursday, October 12, 2023

Friday Night Services

It's Thursday night and the Phillies game is crazy exciting again.  They can finish off the Braves tonight!  

Last Thursday, we walked to school.  
This was after school.  
The principal had to come hold the neighbor's  baby. 
Ariel had her private.  

Quiet night.  
Last Friday, I took Aden to eat at his favorite place.  
Then we went to Friday night services.  It was a special night for Gwen and the other first graders.  
Our friends were there because their daughter's bat mitzvah was the next day.  
There are the first graders.  Too cute.  
The kids ran around the Sukkah.  
We then went to Zebra Striped Whale for dessert.  
Have a great weekend!


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