Monday, October 16, 2023

Cheer Pictures

It's Monday night.  Watching the Phillies in the NLCS vs Arizona.  Aden had a good tennis practice tonight.  

Last Sunday, the twins went to Ensel's birthday party at Urban Air.  
They were excited to go because they are finally tall enough to do the zipline.  
First they played in the balls. This was cute.  Eli trying to get Ensel out of the pit.  

Zipline time.  Eli did it at least 10 times.  

Noah liked the climbing.  

The twins with Ensel.  

Cake time!

Then we ran to Dave and Julia's for Dixie's first birthday.  
Ariel was there dealing blackjack.  
Yes, you heard me right.  
Everyone brought their dogs.  

Then we had cheer pictures.  
Dori is still slightly smaller than Ariel to remain the smallest on the team.  
Posing for her picture.  
The girls took funny shots and did Tiktoks.  

The 2023 Pee Wee Northampton Indians.  

We roasted a chicken that night.  
Then some arts and crafts before bed.  


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