Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Aden and Madison

Saturday morning, we stopped by Melissa's. Stef, Mike and Madison were there visiting. Aden warmed up to them quickly.

He still loves guys the best!

Madison wanted to play too!

Stef is excited about Mike being a good dad, one day!

Aden asked about Madison the next day!

Then it was off to visit Uncle Curtis for a haircut.

He really did well. He sat and let Curtis really cut his hair and not rush.

Our cute boy!

Let's get going, we have a party in the city to get to!

Little Jaime turned 1. We went to Dave and Danielle's house in West Philly for the party.

That's a big cake for a little boy.

Yummy! Notice how they took his shirt off.

Hey, where's my piece? We headed back home and Aden took a nice, long nap, then we met Melissa and Mark for dinner at Vintage in Abington. It's quickly becoming one of our new favorite places.

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