Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Buzz and Woody

It's Wednesday and I'm finally starting to feel better. Why was I not feeling well, you ask? Sunday morning, we had Chanukah brunch at my parent's house. I was excited for latkes and cookies but all the sudden, I had a horrible pain in my mouth. I have been blessed and never had any problems with my teeth, but I sensed my run was about to end. I wasn't able to eat anything. I was such in a daze of pain that I never gave any thought into emergency dental care. Monday morning, I went to the dentist, still in pain and he sent me right to the endodontist. Root canal! It actually wasn't that bad, until the anesthsia wore off at least. Anyway, back to Sunday. It was all Aden all the time.

Some air hockey.

Yummy cake and cookies I couldn't eat. :-(

Grandpop got Aden his first real tool set.

More food I could just look at.

Dino Train!

Time to open presents!

First Sat Wars toys!

Buzz!!! He has not put Buzz down since! He also got Woody and they talk to each other.

Yo Gabba Gabba Vans!

It was a very successful day for the only child in the family! Lucky kid!

That night we had dinner at Grandmom's.

I was able to eat a little but I let the dinosaurs have my share.

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