Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bye Florida

We are home! The snow wasn't so bad. What was everyone complaining about? Wednesday morning, we took Aden to Sugar Sand Park in Boca. We were here last year with Lisa and Matt. It's really an amazing place.

Amy took Aden on the merry go round. It makes me sick! He loved it.

Then it was time to really play.

It's like the castle in Doylestown, but even cooler!

Aden ran right up to the top. No fear!

There was cool stuff everywhere.

Ok, time to hit the beach!

Finally, a beach day!

It was crowded.

We weren't sure what to expect but Aden ran right on and wanted to play.

Fun with grandpop.

He got close to the water but wouldn't touch it. It was actually warmer than the air!

He found a giant lobster!

Fun day!

We went down to Ft. Lauderdale for dinner then came back to pack.

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