Monday, December 27, 2010

The Real Nemo

After we got back from brunch Saturday, Aden tried to take a nap and Amy and I went for a walk. The nap was not successful.

Chinese was open of course.

First a quick stop at CVS, for all your alcohol needs.

The complete opposite of Pennsylvania!

You can see our buildings from the Hillsboro Bridge.

So nice to be back!

Not too bad, except for the jelly fish!

We then went to my cousin Debbie's house for dinner.

I told Aden he was going to meet the real Nemo and that's all he would talk about!

Crazy amount of animals in this house.

Not sure about the pout.

Chinese food!

Checking out the relics of Bat Mitzvahs past.

The girls brought out their Toy Story I stuff. Classics for Aden to play with.

This ship is over 10 years old. There are some unopened ones on Ebay. Should I spend the $100? He did really like it.

Ducks came into the back yard!

Anyone want a slightly used prairie dog?

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