Monday, October 21, 2019

Cheer Away

It's Monday night.  Aden had basketball tryouts.  Feels like last season just ended.  Ariel's cheer is getting serious.  The regionals are in 2 weeks.  Luckily cheer and basketball were at the same place.  These schedules are nuts.  Speaking of nuts.  Last Saturday, while Amy was at the farm with the boys having fun, I drove Ariel over an hour to Quakertown for an away game.  
 It was nice at home but chilly here.

Ariel is getting better at tumbling. 

This was cute.  The cheerleaders challenged each other across the field.  I'm sure the boys playing football were thrilled.

 Prepare for Domination!

It was a fun day but long.  We didn't do anything that night.
 Sunday, I took the twins to Chuck e Cheese for little Jake's 3rd birthday.  
 We had unlimited tickets.  Eli went around and around and around for like 1/2 and hour!
 The big climbing thing is gone.  The guy told me they had trouble keeping it clean.  
 We got a smile.

 The kids always love those tickets.  
 Pizza time.

 This was Aden's first time eating Dippin' Dots.  I love the expression!
 Happy Birthday Jake!
 Fun Times!

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