Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Hurricane Jerry

It's Tuesday night.  Sorry about that 2 day break.  We were away!  More on that later.  These are from last weekend.  

This was kind of amusing.  Not the whole hurricane destruction thing, the name thing.  
We took the twins to Noah's Playground.  

 They made friends and played cutely.  

 We then went to Briarwood Day Camp for Aden's Bar Mitzvah retreat.  It was the first time they were trying this.  The kids getting bar or bat mitzvahed in the next couple of years were together all day getting to know each other and learning about mitzvah projects they can do.  The parents joined in later in the day.  
 We made the mistake of bringing the twins.  We spent most of our time chasing them around the camp.  

 Eli loves to be on the stage.  

 Then we went to the end of Ariel's football game.  The sitter was there with her most of the time.  

 Ariel is a base!  She is so little!
 Sunday morning, I went with my parents to Beth Am to meet with Rabbi Leib to discuss my grandmother.  This was the synagogue that Amy and I grew up and were married in!  I hadn't been here in years.  Brought back a lot of memories and I was already an emotional mess.  We had a great meeting reminiscing about Bubbie.  
 That afternoon, Aden's girlfriend and her sister came to hang out.  

 They ran all over the place.  
 We went up to the school and ate some ice cream.  
 Then a mean game of Scattergories.  

 My family came over for dinner.  

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