Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Goodbye Woodloch, For Now

A quick post for your Thursday.  This will finish off Woodloch.  Last Tuesday we got up and packed then headed over to breakfast.  
 We tried for a family shot with the lake in the background.  
 I took home some of their yummy pumpkin bread and crumb cake. 
 Goodbye fish!
 Amy took the twins to the indoor playground and video games.  I took Aden to do some more fun things.  
 Archery first.  
 It was cool.  There were different kinds of targets to shoot.  
 Then we shot .22 rifles.  
 Aden liked that.  
 It was time to head out after a fabulous few days.  
 Lakes everywhere!
 We made it home by mid afternoon.  The kids needed to run around.  

 This was Wednesday morning at school.  
 What a nice Summer surprise!
 We got Ariel's really cute cheer picture!

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