Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Back to Steve & Cookies

Last Thursday Eli played with his new sprinkler.  

 Look at that sky
 Wow my hair is short.  
 Ariel found a ladybug.  
 That night we had dinner with Felice and Howard at Harvest in Newtown.  It was nice to be out with friends.  
 Friday morning Ariel was organizing her dolls clothes.  She does this pretty much every day.  
 We drove to Cherry Hill to say goodbye to Becky, Larry and the kids.  They were moving to Atlanta in a few days.  
 We've had many adventures with them and we will miss them.  
 We finally made it to the shore.  
 I got back into my spot on my parent's deck.
 They watched the kids and Amy and I went to Steve & Cookies for dinner.  
 They open at 5.  No reservations.  We got there at 4:45 and were the 2nd to check in.  

 The brought the bar tables outside.  
 We went back to my parent's and Ariel had been across the street with Sydney.  
 Noah was asleep!
 Ariel and Sydney went in the pool.  

 Suzie came to get Syd.  
 I took a ride on the scooter and had a few drinks with Suzie and her family.  
 Have a great weekend!

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