Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Backyard Roller Coaster

These are all from last Monday.  The world is so crazy.  We go from global pandemic to race riots.  

 Our princess.
 Eli has been obsessing over backyard roller coasters that people build and show on youtube.  This is the best we could do ourselves.  (thanks mom).  We worked on it for a while but it was actually really hard to put together.  

 Ariel had a drive by birthday for her friend Emily.  First we saw Emily's brother and their new dog!
 That's a view of Emily running to my car.  

 We then stopped by Juliet's house so the girls could play.  
 I had the twins with me too so they went to the playground.  

 Then we checked out the pool.  

 Juliet's older sisters took care of the twins.  
Some TikToks by Ariel, Juliet and Athena.  

Ariel found the playroom and was so excited.  

 Nice place.  
 Back home to work on the roller coaster.  

 We needed pics for their teacher's present.  
 I actually got them both to smile!
 I took a break from building the roller coaster and put together my new portable fire pit.  

 Eli could not wait to try it.  
 All the kids playing till late.  
 This happens a few times a summer.  
 So pretty.  

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