Sunday, June 28, 2020

Dude Robe

We had a nice weekend at the shore. I can’t believe July 4th is coming up. The Summer always moves so quickly after that. 

This was last Saturday morning.  I went for a run.  I've been running about 2 miles.  It's a good way to check out all the houses.  
 I ran by may parent's house where Ariel had slept.  She ran out to give me a hug.  
 Back at the house we played.  

 Steven from next door was back.  The boys were very excited.  
 They threw a few snaps.  
 Checking out Steven's house.  
 Meanwhile Ariel was with Sydney at another neighbor's house.  She's got quite a social life for an 8 year old.  
 We went to the beach and I'm pretty shocked to say for the second time in a row, the boys were actually great!

 Still disappointed about the ice cream selection.  

 Amy wanted me to get a robe for Father's Day.  I researched while on the beach and the found the Dude Robe.  All the others were the same.  This was a little different.  It was on Shark Tank!  It comes with the shorts and pants.  Should be interesting.  
 The boys found Steven on the beach.  

 Jordyn played with all the kids.  We relaxed.  

 The lifeguard stand was roped off.  
 We had a Zoom wedding while sitting on the beach.  Bill from works daughter Julie.  You can see Aden and my dad watching.  
 It was just immediate family at the church.  
 The bride and her parents.
 Congrats Julie and Steven!
 Time to leave the beach.  The cart broke!  I basically had to carry everything home.  It was horrible.  
 I got all the stuff home then walked all the way to the beach in Longport where Ariel was with Sydney.  

 What a long beach day.  It was really nice.  

 That night I went to get tacos for dinner.  It was packed!
 I would not have stayed but Mark was halfway through the line so I jumped in.  
 It still took around an hour.  
 Mark and I waiting for our food.  It was good but a little spicy for Amy.  
 That night Steven ran into our house and we couldn't find him.  We ran all over the house looking for him.  We finally found him on Aden's bed.  His mom was not happy!

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