Monday, June 22, 2020

TikToks on the Beach

I did this Sunday night and forgot to post it.  I guess you are getting a double post for Tuesday!

Last Saturday I got up early and went for a run.  
 I got back and the boys were trying to make their own breakfast.  
 Jordyn came to watch the boys so Amy and I took a long walk to cousin Sandy's new house.  Wow!
What a place.  
 We brought back doughnuts.  Like that Eli?
 We went to the beach around lunchtime.  
 Eli wore Jordyn's glasses.  
It was pretty crowded.  

 I have to say, it was a pretty amazing day.  All 4 kids had fun!  Even Noah.  We ended up staying till after 5!

 Dave and Julia came with the girls.  Aden worked really hard to pick the 2 older ones up but he didn't have much luck, even with our guidance!
 Ariel played with Juliet.  

 They made TikToks of course.  

 What a beautiful day! 
 Dave and I ran to Casels to get stuff for dinner.  The check out line went around the whole place!
 We grilled some burgers and dogs.  
 Sparkler time!

 I made a fire, which took a long time!
 S'mores time!

 They stayed till pretty late.  When they left, the kids went to bed pretty quickly.  
 I sat outside and relaxed by the fire by myself!

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