Thursday, June 18, 2020

Fireworks from the Window

It's Thursday night again.  We went out to dinner with friends.  It's weird how we are adjusting to the new normal.  These are from last Thursday and Friday.  

Early morning basement craziness.  Probably not smart to have all the gym equipment around.  
 I went for a run.  
 Of course the boys wouldn't let us work out.  

 Paul gets a kick out of them.
 A new fried chicken place in Newtown.  
 All I can say is super yummy!
 Eli found the fireworks in the garage and brought them out for the neighbors to see.

 Ready for the show!
 We set off a bunch.  They were fun.  

 Eli and Noah, who were so excited about the fireworks, watch from their room.  
 We finished off with sparklers.  
 All the kids hanging out.  

 Fun night.  
 Friday morning, the boys slept past 7:30!  Wow!
 Slow morning guys?  
 We packed up and headed to the shore.  
 Of course grandpop was ready with projects for the kids.  
 I assumed my position on the patio.  
 Ariel's friend Sydney had a bunch of friends visiting from home.  Ariel was uncharacteristically shy.  
 Eli drove the boat until Noah broke it.  

 What a beautiful day.  

 Ariel was the perfect hostess.
 We went to play mini golf for the first time!

 It was very quiet.  
 Noah takes it very seriously.  He started crying when he couldn't get a ball in on a hard hole.  
 Eli is scared of the gorilla behind those bars.  

 No free game for us.  
 A little Head Bandz before bed.  Have a great weekend!

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