Wednesday, October 14, 2020

First Math Test

It was cold tonight at football!  These are from last Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  

Monday night Aden had practice.  I took a walk on the track.  
Then walked by the 9-11 Memorial which gets me every time.  
Helping the boys with homework.  
Picking up Ariel from cheer practice at the NAC.  
Like your nutella and pretzels?
Tuesday morning Ariel was in class on our bed.  

I picked up the boys after school.  
They hopscotched their way out.  

Their first math tests!  They both got 7 out of 7!

Aden ate dinner next door.  
I started a fire and everyone came over!
The twins were inside watching a movie.  
Everyone else was outside making smores!

Then inside for some gymnastics.

Crazy Tuesday night.  
Wednesday morning, I noticed this.  Funny.  
After school we played outside.  
Then more gymnastics in the family room.  

Football game.  
The dogs came to watch.  
Here are some action shots.  

I'm going to bed!


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