Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Halloween Decorations

It's Tuesday night.  I'm drinking some moonshine and lemonade.  Yummy.  Back to last Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  

Eli is in charge of Halloween decorations.  
Making pumpkins.  

Ariel reading.  
To me!

On Tuesday we lost internet.  Aden went to Ben's and Ariel went to Alex's.  Check out Alex's new awesome homework room.
Ariel liked this way better than our dining room table.  
I went to Target.  It was looking bare.  
Picking up the boys.  They thankfully don't mind the masks.  
Checking out their new gourds.  
Ariel had Hebrew School.  
That night Ariel led the Uno competition.  

Then she showed the boys how to dance.  

Wednesday morning those doughnuts looked good.  
It was a half day at school so Ariel went to hang with Eva.

The girls went scooting.  
Some pics of the twins we have out.  

Wednesday night football.  

I think this was a win.  It's all a blur.  


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